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Water Level Recorder OEL-104

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Water Level Recorder measures conventional float system.Water Level changes are sensed by way of the pulley type contactless magnetic sensing system.They are converted into a digital signal directly. Then measuring values are stored in data logger which is part of the shaft encoder.
Water Level Reorder ( OEL-104) is used for monitoring continuously , Storage of ground-water level and surface water level ( rivers , irrigation channels , dams , lakes , land drainage , ground-water well and flood control ).
With a float–operated Shaft Encoder OEL-104 is able to achive as another break through in Water–Level measuringtechnologies.
It has due to easy handling and impressive cost–effective ratio. The OEL-104 Shaft Encoder is an ideal device for modernization of existing measuring locations.

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Mon, 1 Feb 2016 @11:25

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