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Water Gauging Winch

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  • The Water Gauging Winch is a hand operated winch capable of handling Gauging Weights up 50 Kg (110 1b

  • The Water Gauging Winch is a very compact unit and has been designed for ease of operation and maintenance in the field. The extensive use of aluminium has kept the weight to a minimum, such it can be handled by one person..

  • Special features include;
    • Provision for easily fitting the Amergraph Cable in the field.

    • Sliprings housed within the protective end cover
  • The Water Gauging Winch is normally fitted to a winch frame with outrigger for use on boats or off bridges. A lightweight trolley is also used for bridge gauging.


  • Light Constuction – Cast Aluminium Frames and Drums
  • Portable

  • Automatic Weston Brake-safety brakes which lock the winch if the handle is released

  • Free Fall Drag Brake-allows quick lowering of weights down to water surface

  • Depth counter housed within the frame-protected from external damage.

  • Silver Plated Sliprings- conducts signal from sounding drum to the current meter counter

  • Single Layer of Signal Cable on Drum-Prevents damage of internal conductor and premature replacemen

  • Single extendible handle


Load Capacity Designed for weights up to 50 Kg (110 1b)
Sounding Dru Cast Aluminium 300 mm Circumference, fitted with silver plated slipring (Single Drum)
Electronic depth Counte Five digits resettable LCD display, registering depth in centimetres with 0-reset
Drum Capacit 24 m – 3.2 mm (1/8”)
Drum Diamete 100 mm - 30 m – 2.5 mm (1/10”)
Operatin Manual
Dimension Length 460 mm (18”), Wdth 210 mm(8.3),
Height 230 mm (9”), Weight: 12 Kg (26.5 1b)
Packing Detail Suplied in its original carrying case,
22 Kg (48.5 1b)
Accessories: (Options)
  Winch Board with outrigger
  Gauging Weights-sizes 7,14,23 or 45 Kg
  Nose mount ground feeler weights with optional carryin boxes are available in 25 or 50 Kg. Amergraph Cable:
  2.5 (1/10”)diameter,3 Kg/100 metres
  3.2 (1/8”)diameter,4.5Kg/100 metre

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