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Multifunctional gamma radiation monitor MFM 2

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MFM 203 performs the following functions:

  • measures and displays:

  • Dose rates (Sv/h),

  • Preset count mode: with a predefined statistical uncertainty, it automatically adjusts measuring intervals to the intensity of the radiation (variable time constant of the instrument)

  • Preset time mode: instrumentn measures in a predefined equal time intervals (statistical uncertainity depends on the dose rate)

  • triggers the adjustable alarms (with visual and audible signals), records their occurrences and transmits the alarm status

  • measures the dose increment (µSv) from the last periodic report (usually 24 hours)

  • automatically gives periodic reports on the dose increment, dose rates, alarms and functional warnings

  • measures the total dose (µSv) of a longer time period

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